About Us

JUMP TNT is proud to offer the exciting sport of Trampoline & Tumbling. We are located north of Atlanta in the Johns Creek/ Suwanee area of Georgia. Jim Dowling is credited with making history as the first USTA (United States Trampoline & Tumbling Association) organized team in Georgia, formed in January 2010.  This is an awesome new avenue to take your skills to a whole new level. The sport of trampoline & tumbling will teach you skills you never dreamed you could do! It is available to boys and girls ages 4 and up.  

What is Trampoline & Tumbling? Well let's just say it's Gymnastics ... with a Twist! Recently added to the Olympics in 2000, trampoline combines power and beauty into one terrific sport.  

JUMP TNT offers recreational classes, tumbling classes, back handspring clinics throughout the year, pre-team and competitive teams. We compete in the associations of USTA (United States Trampoline and Tumbling, www.usta1.org) and USAG Trampoline & Tumbling (www.usagym.org). In addition to our regular classes, we offer birthday parties, open gym to bring your friends, and camps during the summer.

A lot of the lessons learned in TnT have less to do with the skills the athletes are working on, and more to do with self-confidence; a strong sense of self-worth; learning that they can face a challenge and succeed; the ability to overcome obstacles and realizing they are stronger, braver, and more capable than they had ever imagined! They learn how to act when they win, and how to cope when they lose. Basically, TnT helps teach life skills to our young athletes.

My Story
Coach Jim Dowling
Founder and Director of JUMP TNT

"This TnT program became a reality as a result of being laid off from the corporate world in August of 2009. As a former high school and college gymnast, I have always wanted to do something with the sport of Trampoline for a long time. I now have the opportunity to share this sport with others. I used the Kangaroo as my logo because of how strong and high these animals jump which represents both Power Tumbling and Trampoline. "

"Now that I had the vision, I needed a gym to put in the program. After sharing a small place with a cheerleading gym in Johns Creek, for 6 years, it was now time to open our own facility and grow this sport!"

"Fitting in well with the Australian theme, Outback Steakhouse became one of our first sponsors. Soon after their grand opening in Roswell and Suwanee, SkyZone was a perfect fit as a sponsor as well. And then Get Air Trampoline park followed. All have been wonderful to work with and I encourage you to visit them as well."

"We offer Recreational classes for boys and girls ages 4 and up, pre-team, and we also have a very competitive Team by invitation. Come check us out. I've always said…


  • 1980 Warren Central High School, Indianapolis, IN State Champs
  • Indiana University Mens Gymnastics Team (Scholarship)
  • Georgia State Chair for U.S.T.A. and AAU
  • NTJC Judge Certified
  • Safety Certified
  • USAG Professional Member
  • Married since 1986
  • 2 beautiful daughters, one which is on our team since day one