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Meet Our Coaches
March 26, 2020

We thought it would be fun for you to get to know your instructors better! We have put together some video interviews with the coaches that have been doing our online live virtually classes this week. Click on the coaches name below to see some fun facts you may not have known about your favorite coaches!

 Coach Corey

 Coach Dezion

 Coach Emily

 Coach Irina

 Coach Oliver

 Coach Tanner

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JUMP TNT Goes VIrtual
March 24, 2020

We are excited to announce that JUMP TNT is going virtual! We have been hard at work this past week brainstorming and putting together a top notch virtual gym to keep the whole family active and engaged.

Starting April 1st, assuming our doors remain closed, we will go on an all "virtual class session" using the ZOOM live virtual platform until further notice. We will roll out a full schedule of virtual classes based on the feedback we receive from this week's test run. Check back March 28th for a price list and links to sign up for an April virtual class package.

March 24th - 31st will be a test run with a limited selection of classes. As a special offer during this test run week, attend as many classes listed below as you wish for FREE to check out what we have to offer! Be sure to register using the links below so the instructors know who will be attending and you will be "allowed in". Please be mindful that this is a big adjustment for our coaches who are moving far outside of their comfort zone and abruptly shifting into this new digital realm. Expect a few glitches and technical issues as the coaches move along the learning curve. Your patience and support is greatly appreciated.

We welcome your feedback, both positive and constructive, as well as any recommendations for the types of classes you’d like to see added to the curriculum.

We have missed you all dearly and look forward connecting with you virtually! Be sure to spread the word and invite your friends and neighbors!

FREE Test Run Virtual Class Schedule:

Tuesday, March 24th

12:30 PM --- KICKnastics Workout --- Coach Corey            

1:30 PM --- Ninjas Workout --- Coach Corey 

2:00 PM --- Full Body Workout (Beginner)

4:00 PM --- Stretching --- Coach Dezion 

5:00 PM --- Full Body Workout (Intermediate) --- Coach Dezion 

Wednesday, March 25th

3:00 PM --- Ab Workout (Intermediate) --- Coach Emily --- Register Here

3:00 PM --- Beginner Rhythmic Gymnastics (ALL - great stretching!) --- Coach Irina --- Register Here

4:00 PM --- Intermediate Rhythmic (Team Only) --- Coach Irina --- Register Here

6:00 PM --- Cardio Workout (Intermediate) --- Coach Oliver --- Register Here

Thursday, March 26th

7:00 AM --- Full Body Workout (Adults 18+ Only) --- Coach Tanner Hodge --- Register Here

12:30 PM --- KICKnastics Workout --- Coach Corey --- Register Here

1:30 PM --- Ninjas Workout --- Coach Corey --- Register Here

5:30 PM --- Full Body Workout (Adults 18+ Only) --- Coach Tanner Hodge --- Register Here

6:00 PM --- Leg Workout (Intermediate/Advanced) --- Coach Oliver --- Register Here

Friday, March 27th

12:00 PM --- Preschool Class --- Coach Emily --- Register Here

3:00 PM --- Beginner Rhythmic Gymnastics (ALL - great stretching!) --- Coach Irina --- Register Here

4:00 PM --- Intermediate Rhythmic (Team Only) --- Coach Irina --- Register Here

4:00 PM --- Stretching --- Coach Dezion --- Register Here

5:00 PM --- Full Body Workout (Intermediate) --- Coach Dezion --- Register Here

6:00 PM --- Abs Workout (Advanced) --- Coach Oliver --- Register Here

JUMP TNT & COVID-19 Coronavirus Update
March 16, 2020

To our JUMP TNT families, 

Communities from every part of the world are coming to terms with an unprecedented crisis triggered by the spread of the Coronavirus Disease. Every individual, family, business, industry, and country will be impacted in some shape or form, and most are already feeling the effects.

Today we regret to announce that effective immediately JUMP TNT will be temporarily closing for the next 2 weeks (until March 30th). This includes everything - all classes, open gyms, team practices, birthday parties, and private lessons. While the local government has not yet mandated gyms to close, we know that it is only a matter of days before all non-essential businesses will be forced to suspend operation. We had hoped to stay open for as long as possible, but now believe that it is critical for us to take this measure to protect the health of our members and staff. It is also our moral and social duty to help flatten the curve and prevent our hospitals from becoming overwhelmed.

We humbly request your support now, more than ever. Our staff and facility will be relying on your ongoing enrollment to keep food on the table and the doors open after the pandemic has subsided. While we won’t be offering instruction in the gym, we are currently in the planning phase of creating online content made by our coaches and staff for our active members to enjoy. We will have tutorials, instructional videos, flexibility sessions, and conditioning workouts to consume on a daily basis. It will be fun, and athletes will love watching their instructors online! We will need a little bit of time, though, so be on the lookout for these to arrive in your e-mail beginning next week.

Once we reopen, we will look into expanding our make-up policy and/or adding exclusive open jumps for our impacted members.

In closing, we are incredibly thankful for all our members and the tremendous support you have shown us over the years. We cannot wait to see all of you when we reopen. Please remember to support the small and local businesses throughout your community. They will need all the help they can get to weather this storm.

From our family to yours, stay healthy and take care!