Martial Arts Tricking (MAT) Classes

Martial Arts Tricking is a combination of Gymnastics style acrobatics and Martial Arts Kicks. It is not Parkour. We utilize proper safety techniques through progressions.

MAT 1 (Beginner) level teaches many conceptual basics, stance, body position, hand placement, and kicks and transitions from one skill to the next. Example of skills, Front Kick, Round Kick, Hook Kick, etc. The suggested age to start is at least 9 years old. Exceptions can be made with instructor evaluation.

MAT 2 (intermediate) will introduce flipping based skills, athlete will be working on variations of next level and creating combo routines. Skills worked on will be Tornado Kick, Spin Hook Kick, Butterfly Kick. Students must be evaluated before enrollment in this class.

Students are also required to wear grip socks when on the trampoline. Socks may be purchased at the front desk when you sign up for class.  

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MAT Classes