Trampoline & Tumbling (TNT Rec) Classes

Our TNT Recreational Classes have students work on 3 gymnastics events -- trampoline, double mini trampoline and power tumbling. During their 1-hour class each week, students will start out with stretching and warm up, then rotate through each piece of equipment (trampoline, double mini trampoline, rod floor, and tumble track). 

Student will first be introduced to basic skills and, more importantly, learn safety falls. Beginning basic skills include cartwheels and handstands in tumbling and front drops and back drops on trampoline. Students will work on introduction to body rotation and twisting. As students progress (at their own rate), they will start working on "beyond the basics" skills such as flips and twisting on trampoline and dive rolls and handsprings for tumbling. Students will learn the correct technical execution of all skills.

Our class size ration is 8:1. It is great for both girls and boys from ages 5 and up.

Students are required to wear grip socks for trampoline. You may use your own or you can purchase a pair at the front desk when you sign up for class. 

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TNT Rec Classes