Tumbling Classes

Tumbling Classes  - Tumbling classes consist of stretch, warm-up, tumbling drills, and working on progression skills for their level. Our facility offers a full 9 panel spring floor that tumbles into foam pit, 40-foot Tumble Track to a 16-foot resi mat, as well as full length rod floor for straight tumbling. Excellent qualified gymnastics/tumbling instructors on staff.

Below is a brief discription of each level. A complete list of skills worked on is available at the front desk. All skills must be performed with proper form to graduate to the next level.

Beginner Class - introduces students to beginner tumbling skills such as forward and backward rolls, dive rolls, and up to cartwheels, handstands, backbends, and bridge kickovers 
Level 1 - roundoffs, front and back walkovers, cartwheel 2 back walkovers, and up to introducing back handsprings
Level 2 - standing back handsprings, round off back handsprings, back handspring stepout, roundoff 2 back handsprings
Level 3 - running pass with tucks, front tuck, 2 back handsprings tuck, aerials 
Level 4 - standing tuck, whips and layouts (running and standing)
Level 5 - working fulls, arabians, doubles, speciality passes

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Tumbling Classes

Our tumbling instructors offer private and semi-private lessons for members. To be a member, you must pay and be current with the annual registration fee. Call the front office 770-559-5430 if you would like us to refer an instructor to you (based on their availability).

We have Half Year Prep Cheer and Full Year Cheer All-Star Teams!

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