Cheerleading All-Star Competition

We are so excited for our upcoming season with amazing young ladies.

    For detailed information and pricing, review the Try-Out Packet. Click below to download and print the Try-Out Packet to return to the front office.

    • Full Year Team (Our Competition All-Star Full Year Team is for those who are committed to the sport and like the challenge!) 2019-20 Try-Out Packet: CLICK HERE
    • Prep Team (Our Competition All-Star Prep team provides a competitive environment without the full expense, time or travel as our Full Year teams) 2019-20 Try-Out Packet: CLICK HERE

    We look forward for the opportunity to work with you and your athlete.  Jump TNT strives to do everything with excellence while building skill and character in each athlete.  It is our goal to instill in each cheerleader the value of integrity, hard-work, leadership, dedication, and team work while building skills.  It is important to build each athlete’s self-confidence as well as a love for the sport of competitive cheer.  It is our purpose to make every cheerleader feel important.

    We do understand conflicts can arise during the Summer and Fall due to family vacations and Fall Cheerleading commitments at school.  Please reach out to our Cheer Director directly @ 678-735-0271 by voicemail or text to work out these conflicts including Cheer and Choreography Camp weeks. 

    If you have specific questions about dates, times, or the program, feel free to contact the Cheer Director Nevajane by text at 678-735-0271 or by email at