What Inspired the invention of the Trampoline?

In 1936, George Nissan was inspired by a circus performance he attended in Cedar Rapids. Watching the trapeze artists fall onto a net that would launch them back up into the air for the dismount, George thought, “what if they just kept bouncing?” He was a high school gymnast and diver, after his initial idea for the trampoline, he began thinking about how the trampoline could be used to assist him in his sport. 


The first usable model, made in 1934, was constructed, with help from his Coach and the school’s Engineering Department, out of inner-tube rubber while George was a student attending the University of Iowa. George was a champion gymnast throughout college before graduating with a Business Degree in 1937.

The sport was initially called “rebound tumbling” before George trademarked the name “trampoline” which he got from the Spanish word trampolin meaning “diving board” or “springboard.”

The trampoline slowly became a common household term, no longer being used for training purposes, but for recreational use. In 2000 Trampoline and Tumbling became an official Olympic sport. George was in the crowd that day watching his dreams come true.

Trampoline World Records

Most Consecutive Somersaults by Brian Hudson
Most Consecutive Unicycle Backflips by Cameron Fraser (on a unicycle..!)
Most Consecutive Handstand Jumps by Tyson Grover

TNT is more than winning or losing, this sport is about self-confidence; a strong sense of self-worth; learning that you can face a challenge and succeed; the ability to overcome obstacles and realize you are stronger, braver, and more capable than you have ever imagined.

We are simply using the sport of TNT to help teach young athletes the importance of winning with integrity and losing with grace.