JUMP TNT’s competitive teams offer both Travel and Non-Travel options to all athletes ages 8 & up.

Team is by invitation only.

The competition season is from October – July with meets in and out of the state. Team athletes train year round. If you are interested in joining our competitive TNT team, please contact our front desk or one of our coaches for more information!


TNT Pre-Team athletes meet twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 1.5 hour practices. This program is made for athletes who are wanting more than recreational classes and to prepare those interested in moving up to team level.

TNT Pre-Team is by Invitation Only


Rhythmic Gymnastics is a fascinating Olympic Sport. It combines the dynamics and flexibility of gymnastics with art and grace of ballet and self expression of a modern dance.

It emphasizes on flexibility, agility, physical strength, grace and musicality. There are five pieces of hand held apparatus used in Rhythmic Gymnastics: rope, ball, hoop, ribbon and clubs. It requires high developed hand-eye and foot-eye coordination.

Rhythmic gymnastics routines are choreographed to music and links body elements, variable apparatus handlings and dance elements. Whether for recreational performance or for a competition rhythmic gymnastics routine is always a spectacular show.

For more information about the Solo Rhythmic Gymnastics Program, visit their website at:

TNT is more than winning or losing, this sport is about self-confidence; a strong sense of self-worth; learning that you can face a challenge and succeed; the ability to overcome obstacles and realize you are stronger, braver, and more capable than you have ever imagined.

We are simply using the sport of TNT to help teach young athletes the importance of winning with integrity and losing with grace.