Conditioning and Body Posture

Arch Rock
Body Weight Squat
Breathing for Stress
Forearm & Wrist Conditioning
Pistol Squat

Ninja Zone

Ninja Roll
Backward Ninja Roll
Safety Vault
Turn Vault
Palmspin Vault
Kong Vault
Kash Vault
Dash Vault
Monkey Up


Front Kick
Side Kick
Back Kick
Round Kick
Simple Kicking Combo
Round Sweep
Kicking Game
Kick Through Round
Hook Kick
Spin Hook Kick
Figure 8 Game


Tuck Position
Pike Position
Straddle Position
Straddle Roll
Forward Roll Tuck
Kickout Position
Handstand Roll

TNT is more than winning or losing, this sport is about self-confidence; a strong sense of self-worth; learning that you can face a challenge and succeed; the ability to overcome obstacles and realize you are stronger, braver, and more capable than you have ever imagined.

We are simply using the sport of TNT to help teach young athletes the importance of winning with integrity and losing with grace.